First Flights to Kenya….

I can’t truly appreciate the entire experience of Kenya without the flight experiences. I’ve only flown 1 other time before Kenya and that was back in 2007 to Washington DC. It was a weekend trip and a VERY short flight. My luggage was delayed a couple of hours on that trip but, other than that, it was the only challenge. Our flight to Kenya started in Birmingham and was due to take off at 5:45pm. The flight was delayed about 25 minutes and didn’t actually take off until 6:30pm. Our flight from Dallas to London was due to leave at 9:00pm so we still thought we would be okay to catch our connecting flight when landing in Dallas. What we didn’t count on was sitting on the Tarmac for another 30 minutes when landing in Dallas at 8:30pm. Dallas is a large airport and we had to take a railcar to a terminal on the other side of the airport to catch our connecting flight.

When we took off from Birmingham Susan let me sit by the window. When I flew in 2007 I was able to sit by the window too. I think that is what helped me enjoy the experience of flying. Getting the chance to look out at the world from so high up. It’s truly an amazing view(if your flying during the day)!! Looking out the window when taking off at everything getting smaller and smaller……this is what the birds look at all day! Seriously, the take-off itself gets your adrenaline pumping. For me, as we climb higher and higher I can’t take my eyes off the ground!! It’s absolutely amazing to see the rivers and lakes, the mountains, homes, pools and for me…..I like to look for the Football Stadiums and Baseball Fields. That’s just so cool to me!! When we finally get up to the clouds and go through the clouds……can’t see a thing! As we emerge from the clouds the view is absolutely spectacular!!! I’m 35,000 feet closer to my God!! To see His beautiful creation above the clouds…..this is a view we don’t get to see everyday!! His gentle hands take their time placing each cloud in the perfect formation and spot for each day! Some days the sky is bluer than others. If it’s raining below the clouds…’s sunny up above! The sun is thousands of times brighter when your 35,000 miles closer to it!! All I could think about was Creation and how God in only 6 days started and completed the massive project of creation!!! The thin clouds, the fluffy clouds, the stars, the sun, the moon…..He took great pleasure in creating our planet and placing everything in its right place…..including US! God made this planet and everything on it for us to enjoy! I am thankful to experience the beauty of His creation! Trips like this allows Him to open my heart and draw me closer to Him. He used me to glorify Him and He changed me in the process!! Looking out my window at everything below puts things in perspective for me. I can’t look at everything above and below and soak in the beauty of it all and doubt that God exists!! The absolute beauty and flawlessness of it all takes my breath away!! Even with the flight delay challenge on the first flight, I truly believe God used that for His glory! He wanted us to see and experience the beginning of a beautiful sunset, the warmth of the bright sun on our faces, the fluffiest clouds that looked like you could fall asleep in them and the bluest sky!! I thank God for everything He revealed to me on the way to Kenya!!

Psalm 19:1-4(NET)
For the music director; a psalm of David.
The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky displays his handiwork.
Day after day it speaks out;
night after night it reveals his greatness.
There is no actual speech or word, nor is its voice literally heard.
Yet its voice echoes throughout the earth; its words carry to the distant horizon.
In the sky he has pitched a tent for the sun.


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Back at Home!!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post……It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve returned home and I’ve been busy with the kids and school and my new job. It’s been a little difficult to adjust back to this time zone but, each day gets easier. The flights home were good but, long. We had minimum layovers and almost flew straight through……seemed that way anyway. We were delayed in Mombasa for an hour but, got back on track until we got to Dallas. After an hour delay there we arrived back in Birmingham at 6:00pm instead of 5:05pm Friday August 15th. After an extremely quick freshening up and a long hug from my oldest son, Marshall….I headed straight for the Football Field to see my family. Zach was on the football field but, Emilee spotted me very quick and tackled me from behind with a bear hug!! As I made my way through the crowd and hugging friends I hadn’t seen in two weeks……I found my seat next to Wayne and watched my son play some ball!! It’s been good to be back home but, I think about Kenya EVERYDAY!!

As I sit going through the hundreds…..almost a thousand pictures and see all of the faces and precious moments I captured while in Kenya, my mind is overwhelmed with emotions. I miss the new friends I made while there. I miss the children I played “hot potato” with and stood listening to their sweet singing voices!! I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!! I experienced so many different emotions when I arrived in Kenya and it took some time to adjust to the environment when I got there. So, now I find it somewhat difficult to adjust to being home when my mind remembers the visions and experiences of Kenya!! Some people tell me I’m not as “chipper” as I use to be and for a couple of weeks I’ve actually thought it was from the lack of sleep from losing 8+ hours of sleep and trying to adjust back to everything America. I’ve come to realize its because I truly left a larger piece of my heart than I originally thought in KENYA!! So, as much as I like to journal and as in the past with my recovery and journaling(journaling is healing)….I thought to myself……I can journal about as many experiences of Kenya as possible!! I can journal about the stories behind just about every picture I took!! I can remember every GOOD AND WONDERFUL experience I had while there! I know I journaled each day I was there the experiences of the HBC and Village Evangelism but, for the next 300+ days(until it’s time to go back-Kenya 2015)…..I will share the experiences I had and try to explain every photo I took!! There’s a story behind EACH Photo…..from the flight out of Birmingham and back to Birmingham! If you kept up with me you already know the names of some of the children and adults I got close to!! I will do my best to share my heart!

So, keep me in your prayers as things have changed a little while I was gone and since I’ve been back home(will explain in my blog)!! Please pray for Kenya and the people of Kenya(I hope to share how you can specifically pray) and I pray that if God wants me to go back to Kenya that He will make a way! He’s the only one that can…..he will definitely let me know if Kenya 2015 is or isn’t in my Future!

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3 NET) I always pray with joy in my every prayer for all of you (Philippians 1:4 NET) because of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. (Philippians 1:5 NET) For I am sure of this very thing, that the one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6 NET)

The attached picture is the 1st plane we boarded in Birmingham!! I will elaborate more in the next blog…..hope you enjoy!


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Sita Baptist HBC

Today I woke up with a lump in my throat not only because it was the last day we would be out working but, for the fact that I’m leaving behind some truly wonderful people!!

We headed to Sita Baptist today to wrap up the HBC program. It wasn’t very far from our hotel and when we pulled into the church yard we were greeted with handshakes and hugs from several of the ladies of the church!! The children were already in the church getting ready to sing. When the children start singing in these concrete or mud hut buildings their voices echo out into the nearby villages letting other children know there’s something going on at the church. Curiosity gets the best of them and 20-30 more children have shown up because of the singing! It’s truly amazing to witness their powerful voices summoning their friends to come see what’s going on at church!! The children marched in with the signs of the Kenyan flag, Christian flag and a Bible!! They listen to the stories of creation, the 1st sin, Jesus’ birth, His miracles and His death, burial and resurrection. We play games and have drama, recite Bible verses and offer the plan of salvation. When all of the children showed up there were 181 in total attendance with 105 decisions for Christ!! God amazes me everyday with His accomplishments and I am truly blessed to be a part of His plan!! All of the children I have met while here are so friendly and polite! Everyone has made me feel so welcome and I look forward to next year.

I have made new friendships while here and it’s going to be very hard to leave tomorrow. Although I desperately want to be home and see my husband and children……I also don’t want to leave my new friends and family!! I pray that God will keep them protected and they will seek His guidance for their lives everyday!! Tonight after dinner I was able to see Natalie(she works at the hotel we have been staying at) and she has been so kind to give me gifts to take back home that I just had to make a “goody bag” for her!! She holds a special place in my heart and although she is only 22 years old she carries herself with maturity and grace. When she walks into a room you can see Christ all over her!! I didn’t bring much over here but, I ended up giving her the most important thing I knew she could truly use. I asked her yesterday when I saw her if she had a GOOD Bible and she said NO. So, that’s what I gave her… Bible! I have many scripture highlighted in it and I told her to look for them as they have gotten me through a lot and I pray they would help her too!! I threw in a Journal with a personal note to her from my heart and more scripture to look up and one of my LEEDS t-shirts!! I told her the shirt means a lot to me too because when I wear it, it shows support for my children in their sports. I didn’t have much to give but, I gave what I had! The Bible was the most important. I pray that she can use that Bible to grow in her Faith! I have more Bibles back at home and I was given a Bible today with English and Swahili language so, it’s been interesting to compare and learn! This entire experience is one I will never forget! God has opened my eyes to many things and I have grown closer to Him everyday! People would tell me for weeks before leaving that it would be a life-changing experience and I can now say that it SURE HAS!!

As I sit in my room listening to the fan at high speed and the wind outside(no TV here to distract me), I am reflecting back on an incredible 2 weeks of not only seeing God change lives but, seeing the work He has done in me. I still have so many thoughts and emotions from this journey and will probably take some time to sort through them even after I get back home. We fly out tomorrow night at 7:10pm(11:10am Alabama time) and I should be back in Birmingham around 5:05pm Friday night! I covet your prayers as we travel for safety and protection. I am creating albums on my Facebook from my trip and will be adding more pictures and blog entries when I return. Like I said, I still have so many thoughts and emotions to sort out and share!! I plan to keep posting so that I can continue to share my many experiences from my time in Kenya!

I thank my God every time I remember you. (Philippians 1:3 NET) I always pray with joy in my every prayer for all of you (Philippians 1:4 NET) because of your participation in the gospel from the first day until now. (Philippians 1:5 NET) For I am sure of this very thing, that the one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6 NET)

The attached pictures are of the children at Sita Baptist today when they marched in for HBC, a pic of me and some of the children(they love to see their faces in the camera and at the end of the day when they were all together!




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Central Baptist Church HBC!

Wow!!! My heart is FULL from the HBC at Central Baptist Church today!! This small church way off the long dirt road leading out of Watamu will forever hold a special place in my heart!! When I say the “church”…..I mean every single one of the children, youth and adults that make up that church body!! We attended church services at Central the first Sunday here and that body of Christ is where I was able to share my heart and some of my story and how God brought me to Kenya but, today I was able to share Christ with the children and youth of Central Baptist!! My heart is truly full of joy and completely blessed to see the joy on the faces of the children and youth!!

When we arrived there were several kids already there and more continued to make the journey from their homes to attend. By the time everyone arrived we had 183 in attendance and out of that number there were 94 decisions for Christ! As the day began we started our usual way with the children marching in to the church holding a picture of the Kenyan and Christian flags and the Bible. We said our pledges to the flag and the Bible. Susan told the story of creation and the first sin. I told the story of Jesus’ birth. They memorized and recited 2 Bible verses and then we proceeded outside to play their version of “hot potato!” The children were broken up into 2 groups based on their age and they made big circles. Susan beat the drum(for music) while they passed the ball to each other around in the circle. When the drum stopped whoever was holding the ball was out of the circle. We ended up with a winner from each group. In the older children/youth circle their was a delightful young man by the name of Tom that stepped forward to help organize how his circle played the game instead of playing the game himself. He made sure that the ball was passed as the drum sounded and whoever was out stepped out of the circle with no problems. The children play so well together and don’t argue if they don’t win. They laugh and giggle and step out of the circle and take their place in the “losers” circle after which we give them a piece of candy for participating. They’re so energetic and well mannered. They make sure to shake your hand and greet you as soon as you set foot in the church yard!! As we went back into the church after the games the children participated in 2 dramas about creation and Jesus’ birth and listened to the stories of the Miracles Jesus did. The young man, Tom also participated in the drama. His infectious smile, energy and politeness made an impression as soon as I saw him. He sat in the back of the church and participated in everything we did today and after the salvation plan was presented he came forward to pray to receive Christ!! He smiled the entire time and you could sense the joy in his heart!! I was so proud to be there to witness not only his decision but the other 93. It was very exciting to see the 8 other youth except Christ too!! We gave away Bibles to the new believers and t-shirts to the others! They were so excited and appreciative. After we finished, the Ladies Ministry Leader Janet had us sit outside to present us with a gift. The ladies and some of the youth came singing and dancing around us and had us stand to dance as well!! They wrapped a Khanga around us and a handmade purse was placed on our shoulder. We danced and sang and hugged and cried!! The ladies thanked us for coming and prayed for us as we journey back home!! I have made more friends and will forever cherish everyone of them!! They asked how long before I come back to see them and please never forget them. I told them I would be back next year as long as God allowed it and I would never ever forget them!! The children and youth hugged me and shook my hand as we said goodbye. I felt like someone ripped my heart out as they were soon out of sight! I find comfort in knowing that God has them in the palm of His hands!! I look forward to seeing them ALL next year!

Please pray for all of the lives that God has changed while we’ve spread the Good News! Tomorrow is our last day of HBC and the Youth Conference. Keep us in your prayers as we share Christ tomorrow with the children and also prayers for Angela as she and the other members of her team wrap up the youth conference on TRUE LOVE WAITS!! God is changing lives before our eyes and I am thankful God is using me for His purpose.

Be conscientious about how you live and what you teach. Persevere in this, because by doing so you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.
(1 Timothy 4:16 NET)

The attached collages of pictures are of the children marching in with the flags a group pic while they’re singing and a pic of them after they received their Bibles. The other collage is a pic of them praying to receive Christ, a group pic of the kids that received t-shirts, the picture of Tom and Michael(Tom’s the tallest), two of the youth that accepted Christ another pic they wanted to take with me and a pic of my sister Janet and I. I also included a pic of Susan and I dancing with the Ladies and youth. Precious moments!!




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Bethel Baptist HBC!

Today we traveled close to “home” to Bethel Baptist Church. This is the church and the area around the church that I spent most of my day Thursday in Village Evangelism. I got to see the Pastor’s wife, Lillian again today and when we arrived we only had about 15 children. We quickly told the children to go get their friends and bring them to church! That’s exactly what they did……they came back with every child within a five-mile radius of the church. Another church in the area brought their kids too. We ended up with about 148 children today. We shared the Bible stories about Creation, Jesus’ birth, His miracles and His death and resurrection!! We played games outside with them and then came back in for a time of singing(they tried to teach me a couple of songs in Swahili….that was interesting!), drama and the plan of Salvation. We had 51 children make decisions for Christ today!! It is truly amazing to see these young ones make the decision to surrender their lives to Christ. I am blessed to be apart of God’s Plan.
I met a young fellow at Bethel yesterday with a shirt on and on the back I saw the name MARSHALL! I didn’t know at the time it was the school but, thought it was pretty neat he was wearing that shirt!! He took a picture with me and seemed happy to know that Marshall is my son’s name!!

Every Sunday night the hotel allows Pastor William Fondo to come and have Bible Study with the hotel guests that choose to attend. Pastor Fondo works with the children at Wings of Mercy and Pastors the church that’s within the Orphanage there. This is also my new friend Natalie’s father. He is a wonderful Man of God and I enjoy hearing him teach the Word of God! He taught the Parable of the Talents Sunday night and although I’ve heard this passage many times before he put it in a form that I had no problems understanding!! This passage talks about being obedient to God and the responsibilities He gives to us. I can relate this to many things in my life but, the one thing that stuck out in my mind was this very mission trip! I’ve felt a tugging at my heart for a couple of years that God wanted me on the mission field. I just didn’t know where or how or what to do! I prayed for many months for Him to show me what He needed me to do. He reveals His plan to me a little at a time and equips me a little each day for His work. He created us to share the Gospel so that lives can be changed. We can’t change lives, we don’t have the power or authority to do that…..that is God’s job!! We are His hands, feet and MOUTH! God uses us to tell people the Good news of His son!! Many people have a different opinion of this and that is between them and God. We are nothing compared to the BIG God that created this universe. We had nothing to do with helping Him in the Creation of air, water, plants, animals or life……HE DID THAT ON HIS OWN! How can we think for one second that we have the power to “SAVE” people? He draws us to Himself, He uses us to share the gospel and it’s God that softens hearts and changes hearts!! When we have surrendered our hearts and lives to Christ and have an intimate relationship with Christ we want to be obedient to His plan!! We desire to be used by God and be obedient with the tasks He gives us. Nothing is more important to us….NOTHING!! Seek Him everyday for direction in your life! He’s a great big God and holds us tenderly in His hands. Nothing surprises Him and bottom line whatever job He has for me I want to be obedient! Whether it be helping at the Moton Center or the schools being a LIGHT in the lives of the children and adults in my community or coming to the other side of the world to be a LIGHT for Christ in Kenya! Whatever task He gives me, my hearts desire is to be obedient to Him! So many emotions and thoughts still running through my head as we wrap up this week!

Be in prayer as we go today to Central Baptist Church for HBC!!

For by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God; (Ephesians 2:8 NET) it is not from works, so that no one can boast. (Ephesians 2:9 NET) For we are his workmanship, having been created in Christ Jesus for good works that God prepared beforehand so we may do them. (Ephesians 2:10 NET)

The attached pictures are of the children that attended HBC and my new friend….”Marshall”!



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Church Service at Gede Baptist

I apologize that I haven’t posted anything new in a couple of days as we weren’t around wifi Friday and Saturday. I am continually in awe of God every moment here in Watamu, Kenya. We’ve had the opportunity to see His great creation on this side of the world and I’m amazed……it’s absolutely breathtaking and I am thankful to be able to see Him in everything all day long!

Yesterday we attended Gede Baptist Church in Gede, Kenya which is in the very next town from where we are staying in Watamu, Kenya. Everyone is so welcoming here and love to have visitors at their churches just like we do at our churches. I’m amazed that color doesn’t matter here(or that’s the impression I get) and almost everyone in the churches we visit and towns we go to makes sure they shake your hand to greet you and will form a line to make you feel welcome. Why can’t we do that in America? Instead we often form an opinion before they even get to us by what they are wearing or how their hair is or isn’t fixed or even the car they drive!! Being here in Kenya…..YOU CANT DO THAT!! Every person I meet may not be dressed in the best but, it’s their best. They may not have the best car, some ride bicycles or even walk but, it’s their best. I am amazed that ALL of the Kenyans are CONTENT with what they have and they are a HAPPY people!! It’s been a daily reminder for me since I’ve been here to be content with what God has given me!! I have everything that I need. God has provided for me and my family!! God is still showing me things he needs me to see and revealing Himself more and more everyday. I’ve grown closer to Him while here and although I’m going to be glad to be back home I am truly going to miss the new friends and family I’ve gotten to know here!!

When we got to church yesterday the Sunday School teaching was on living for Christ and practicing daily how the Bible instructs us to live our lives to inherit His Kingdom. We have the instruction book (Bible) and the guidelines have been given to us and we aren’t to make up our own or “tweek” what has been set before us!! God’s guidelines have been set and if we plan to spend eternity with Him we abide by His rules. I’ve spent some time in my life fighting God and His rules and grew up in a Christian home with Christian parents. God allowed me to go through some trials in my life and until 3 years ago I didn’t truly understand what a relationship with Christ truly meant. When you are truly saved and have made the public decision to have a relationship with Christ…..YOU DO THE CHANGING!! You surrender everything about yourself to Him and let go of your old habits. You don’t stay the same and expect God to “tweek” His guidelines to fit your life! Somewhere along the timeline WE have lost sight of how BIG God is. We have minimized Him, we do NOT fear Him like we should!! We are a selfish people, stubborn and set in OUR ways not HIS!! He doesn’t put up with this behavior and we will be punished for our sin. When we don’t follow His guidelines, that is Sin and we can’t be who God wants us to be with Sin in our lives!! Sin can not be justified or sugar coated! SIN IS SIN!!
The Sunday School teaching really hit home with me…..the entire worship was special as everyone worshipped together. The children, youth, young adults, middle-aged and elder adults. We all worshipped together! So many of our churches at home have become segregated and I don’t mean by skin color(although that’s another issue too!). We all are God’s children and it’s up to the mature generation to help the younger generation grow and learn!! I pray for eyes to be opened and hearts softened to the Word of God!

I am thankful for my new friend Natalie! I got to spend time with her in the Word yesterday and it was an absolutely precious time! I am blessed to have met her and will truly miss her when I leave. We plan to keep in touch through email and Facebook!! I pray that she will continue to be submissive to God’s will for her life and look forward to seeing her again next year!!

Today we are going to Bethel Baptist for HBC and plan to have almost 200 children. I will have another blog this afternoon! Keep us in your prayers as we MOVE OUR FEET.

The attached pictures are of 2 precious little girls at church yesterday and a picture of the church service. It was a packed house of God!



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Village Evangelism!

Today was a different day for me as Angela and I swapped places. She has been going into the Villages and talking one on one with the people and I have been working with the children at HBC(Holiday Bible Clubs). I was asked early in the week if I would be interested in going out today with the Evangelism team and I have been looking forward to it all week. I really didn’t know what to expect or even know if I would be able to open my mouth when I was suppose to.

As I prepared for bed last night I shut everything off in my mind as best that I could so I could spend quality time with God to get prepared for the day today. I dug deep into scripture and prayed for Him to saturate me with His word and His presence. I long to know Him more and deeper!! I cried and spilled my heart out as I’m still full of emotions!! I think I will be as long as I’m here! I woke up somewhat refreshed but, still trying to sort out my thoughts on what the day would bring!

As we left the hotel and headed deep into the “bush” as it’s called by some here I was taking in even more sights, sounds and smells. The people cook all of their meals on an open fire outside of their homes in their villages and some of them burn their garbage. I found out the reasoning behind the many trash heaps…..there’s no waste management here!!! If something needs to be thrown away they throw it out the window of their car or where they stand. I had a protein bar for lunch and was putting the wrapper back into my backpack and was told to, “just throw it out the window!” I’m sorry, I’m not going to come over here to your country and make a bigger mess. I will just put it in my backpack and throw it away when I get to the hotel…, I’m not sure what the hotel does with the garbage disposal but, I was not going to stand out there in the village, around their homes and throw my trash down. Different set of rules here! The morning smells each day smell a lot like our piles of burning leaves but, a bit stronger. Some days it’s almost overwhelming and the thick smoke in the air is sometimes unbelievable!! This is their way of life. As we got to the church to meet the rest of the group that would be joining us and taking us from village to village(showing us the way), I was still very uncertain of what my day would consist of. We were joined by our interpreters, George and Doreen. The Pastors wife, Lillian and another leader, Katauna(not sure if that’s the correct spelling) and we made our way to the first mud hut. The people are very kind and welcoming here. They absolutely love visitors, or that’s the impression that I got today!! Most everyone that we encountered wanted to listen. Angela had tried to prepare me for the way the Gospel is presented to the people. It’s very simple and clear and Chuck(a team member) told me I could jump in at anytime. He also said I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. As I sat listening to Chuck present the Gospel to the first person(an older man) I was absolutely amazed and yet unprepared! I loved how he presented it to each person so that they could understand. I was in complete awe at each stop as we went to about 6-7 huts and had 8 people make decisions for Christ today. The rain slowed us down a lot today as we dodged 3 rainstorms while we were out.

We had the opportunity to go to the home of our Interpreter, George and wait out a rainstorm….or so I thought. We got there and took our seats and 3 young ladies came over and sat with us. One of the young ladies had a very NEWBORN baby all wrapped in blankets and clothes like it was wintertime outside. The Pastors wife, Lillian got her hands on him first and as soon as she sat down beside me I asked if I could hold him!! I held this little guy the entire time we were there. His name was Moses. Chuck began presenting the gospel to the three ladies and two of them accepted Christ as their personal Savior. Soon after, a young man drove up on a motorcycle and he sat down and was presented the Gospel. His name was Michael, this was George’s brother. After hearing, he also accepted Christ!! George gave a shout and hugged his brother so tight and soon looked at me and said, “I’m very happy!!” Seeing the excitement in his eyes and having the opportunity to share that with him and my new friends is beyond words!! Lillian also had some family members to accept Christ!! I am in such awe of what God is doing here that I’m literally speechless when I’m out working! To see God working and moving is amazing!! I am truly blessed to be a part of His work whether I say anything or not. I spent time getting to know new friends today and will leave with lasting memories and the hopes of coming back next year to see them.
God is using this opportunity not only for me to help spread the Gospel to people that need to hear it but, to change me. He’s doing a mighty work in my life with this experience and I’m growing in Him everyday. I can’t wait to bring this knowledge back home with me!! We still have much work to do as we have more HBC’s and a Youth Conference where we will be teaching TRUE LOVE WAITS!! Please continue to pray for our efforts here as we keep moving our feet!!

How are they to call on one they have not believed in? And how are they to believe in one they have not heard of? And how are they to hear without someone preaching to them? (Romans 10:14 NET)
And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How timely is the arrival of those who proclaim the good news.” (Romans 10:15 NET)

The following pictures are of several things today…..Lillian and Moses, me and Moses and me, Lillian and Doreen.




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